Friday, 6 March 2009

About time

Ok I think it's about time I uploaded some stuff. Had so much on recently I haven't really had a chance.

Brief three, I continued with the investigation into the role photography has within portraiture. for this brief I looked at shooting portraits without the person. I ask friends to give me three personal items that either say something about them or are important to them. I then rummaged through there bins for three items of rubbish that I thought might say something about them.

So I was basically asking myself can we learn more from peoples possessions and discarded rubbish than we can from traditional portraits.


  1. You rummaged through bins for your art? Way to go Brian!

    Yes we can. Generally speaking a traditional portrait tells us one thing for definate: the physical identity of the sitter, thats all. Who's the guy that did the disgarded betting slips, was it Stephen Gill?

  2. Well rummaged offers visions of being knee deep in crap, when it was more like picking bits off the top ha.

    Yeah Stephen Gill, great photographer, got a phone call with him on Tuesday for a case study I am working on. I'll upload the results here.

  3. Ahhh you see I didn't realise you wanted three words personal to me: otherwise i would've sent you something more constructive than cabbage and parachute and other inane bollocks! I have a mouth full of novocaine and a scrotum full of hate. Jimmy Herbivore.

  4. Oh no that wasn't for this. I was just looking for inspiration, turned out to be an interesting game though. Some peoples words said allot about them. Your are clearly a closet cloth and vegetable rapist.