Sunday, 31 May 2009

Blackpool Sun

I'm always amazed how Blackpool changes in the Summer months. The beach was mentally yesterday. Went out for a stroll and my DSLR, I needed to blow the cobwebs of it after shooting so much film. So here's some cheese.

Postcards, get your postcards.

The saint.

Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Interesting Day

Ive decided to start a project based around my recent essay and future dissertation on Masculinities. So I have been popping into town each day for the last few days to try and capture some masculine social portraiture. I terrified a Polish man today by talking at him too quickly in my magnificent accent and then stuffing my F65 in his face. Anyway I've a few more to get before I finish the first role of film, but will chuck them up here ones there processed.

In other news:

1)I did the fingers at the google maps car today so here's hoping they caught that one.

2) After spotting a nice wooden ash tray in that crazy shop near Rileys pool hall -for those who haven't been, it's literally full to the top with stuff, they got a delivery today and the guys just threw the stuff in the front door- I spotted an actual mountain of old photo albums. I scanned through about three of them and unfortunately there were no pictures to be seen. As I went to pay for my ash tray (25p, a price which was just made up on the spot by the old Chinese women behind the counter) I noticed that said Chinese women was ripping pictures out of the photo albums and chucking them into a massive plastic bag. Obviously I couldn't let an opportunity like this go begging so I asked her if I could have them too. She said... "emm ehhh OK, 25p"

So I now have well over 1000 random pictures to play with, I can't wait. Check out this gem I found after 2 minutes of looking.

Recontextualization project anyone??

Friday, 8 May 2009

Update imminent!

Blackpool weekend..... coming soon.