Monday, 20 July 2009

Top Gear in shit cheese scandal.

So I was watching last nights episode of Top Gear on iplayer and I noticed something unusual. Near the end of the show James, Jezza and Hammond spruced up there there cars to enable them you run better in the snowy conditions. They got new wheels, tires, roll cages and some fashionable fake sponsors painted on the side. Nothing strange there you may think.

I suggest you have another look.

Look at just the doors, we have "Tit Tree" "Phart industrie" "Coq Yougart" "Les Bien Hat" and "Merde du Fromage" (translated meaning, shit cheese).

I just thought they would make some reference to it and they didn't sneeky sneeky haha.

Monday, 13 July 2009

Spotify, The Twelfth and all

So today is the 13th of July 2009 but technically it is the 12th if you live in Northern Ireland. If you don't live in N.I, don't worry it is not situated in some Hawkins-esq worm hole disrupting space-time, but merely a once every seven years occurrence. The twelfth of July is synonymous with Northern Ireland as it was the date King William of Orange invaded Ireland and claimed the North of the country as Britain, a subsequent feud began and fighting over who owns what has continued ever since. There you go a complete overview of the history of Ireland in 42 words (take that Mrs Smyth, my secondary school history teacher). Not really obviously, if you care you can click here to find out a little more.

To celebrate this momentous occasion -everyone loves a good invasion, don't they- men, women and children take to the streets dressed in orange aprons, bang drums and wave Union Jacks, just to remind everyone that "This is England", I mean "Britain", I mean "Ireland..." no wait "Northern Ireland" that's it" Presumably the fact that we all hold British passports, use British currency and are governed by British law isn't enough of a reminder that technically N.Ireland is Britain, thank goodness for all that red white and blue. So anyway, the 12th July fell on a Sunday this year meaning that the flag waving and apron wearing had to be put on hold, resulting in the paradox of the 12th of July being held on the 13th, today. As you may have guessed I do not partake in the British awareness rally's myself, not for any religious or political reason, it's just I look awful in orange. Instead I am sitting in my room drowning out the repetitive drum beat with Modeselektor, an excellent electronica outfit specialising in filth.

I have been using Spotify to stream their tracks and I have to say it is a truly amazing piece of software. Download it, type what ever you want to listen to and viola. If it wasn't for the random advertisements (which are relatively infrequent) this would be the single greatest advancement of the 21 century.. well maybe not but it's bloody good.

Ok I am off to watch Bruno, lets hope it's not the bag of shit I am anticipating.

Thursday, 9 July 2009

Internet Thieves

So the last post, which celebrated all things internet has got me thinking. I mentioned that it is only a matter of time until some uninspired advertising agency will copy the basic principles of the SOUR music video in order to sell toothpaste or the like. So with that in mind here are a few examples of blatant theft and breach of copyright (if web videos had such a thing).

Sa Cla: This advertisement for Italian pesto created a rhythmic beat by editing clips together.

Pretty clever eh?? Shame the advertising company responsible didn't come up with the idea. At least two years previous a Norwegian teenager made this in response to a college project.

Berocca: The orange flavoured pick-me-up tablet manufactures came up with this unusual campaign to promote morning freshness.

Obviously when I say they "came up with" I mean copied and not even copied very well why would there be treadmills in the middle of the street? It makes no sense.

Anyway this plagiaristic piece of crap was taken from OK Go an American band and their awesome music video here it goes again.

Action for kids: No doubt this is going to be a controversial one due to the emotive nature of the content and subject matter. With that in mind I'll refrain from any jokes or abuse.

Ok so you can say that raising awareness for such a worth while cause can use any means necessary and I agree, however Action for kids is not a non profit charity, the people who made this advert got paid, the people who came up with this concept didn't.

I am sure there are hundreds more, but these are the few I can think of at the moment. Stick any suggestions in the comments box if you can think of any.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Blog off

Random irrelevant data. Zeros and and ones combined in order for your entertainment. Isn't the interweb a marvel.


Keep you eyes peeled for an uncreative advertising executive ripping this off for T.V



Rubbish: Please watch this whole video, I know it's difficult but seriously, It just gets shitter.

No1 on my ipod playlist at the minute.

So there you go.

Will somebody who is more talented than me please re-mix the Total Recall song. I will be forever in your debt, plus it's a guaranteed crowd pleaser.. well as long as I am in the crowd.