Friday, 8 May 2009

Update imminent!

Blackpool weekend..... coming soon.


  1. love the colours and the tones in the top picture mate! did you do anything special to it in ps? keep the snaps coming!

  2. Looked like a nice day for a 2 Lite of the finest strongbow cider. :-)

  3. Eilert: I found that if you really push slow colour film (100 iso) up to like 2000th of a sec, it gets really 1970's. I just added two fill layers, a dark blue and and yellow. Set the yellow blending mode to multiply and the blue to lighten, which just boosts that 70's feel.

    Anon: If I remember correctly I was fucking dieing with a hangover and Yates' had ran out of pint glasses, and had to settle for a becks. Tits