Friday, 6 March 2009

One more to go.

For fourth weeks brief I continued my exploration into the cameras influence. I expanded on week ones brief and looked at the relationship between sitter, camera and photographer.

To challenge myself I visited the Blackpool's blind community center.

This is Mary, she has total blindness in her left eye and severe macular degeneration of the right. Leaving her only able to distinguish between light and dark.


  1. Good film: 'Proof' Australian, early 90's. About a blind photographer that takes photo's so that he can believe more in the world around him. He gets his housekeeper to 'read' the images to him. Really is a long time since I saw it, my memory of it maybe better than the reality. Hows the insomnia btw? You looked a bit on the pale side last time I saw you.

  2. Cheers, I'll have to check the film out sounds really interesting.

    Sleeping is a virtue these days, at least regular sleep is anyway ha.

  3. Good idea this, like it a lot. Jarso