Friday, 19 June 2009

Morocco: "Best post title award?"

Ok so I got back from Morocco a week ago and I am only just uploading some pictures now. This is due to the fact that I am going all retro these days and shooting almost everything on film. So, I only managed to get the films processed yesterday, a few hours of scanning and tidying up in Photoshop and we are ready. I'm sure you're all needing to go to the toilet with excitement.

By the way these are in no particular order, because.... I can't be arsed doing them chronologically it'll take too much effort.

HMV: Marakech We thought this guy might be a murderer.

One of the thousands of wee creeps

The Medina 50% amazing 50% nightmare.

"The gardens": SHIT
Obligatory B&W Shot

So there you go, not excatly a comprehensive guide of Morocco, however after getting accosted for taking a picture and not paying for the privilege, I was a little cautious of taking my camera out.

Great week though!!


  1. Class Pix Bappers!!! . . .
    Its looks Gorgeous there . .
    I would love to go but I fear I might get bit by a house fly and that would be the end of me! :P


  2. you got some real nice pics there bri!! who did u go with?

  3. Cheers man, me the missus and two friends went. Seriously crazy place I would defiantly recommend it, but be more prepared than I was ha!