Friday, 6 February 2009

American Dream

I just have to quickly mention a film I watched last night. It's called Stoszek and is a 1977 film by German director Werner Herzog.

It is one of the most unnerving films I have ever seen, not in a graphic SAW VII way, it's much more subtle. If SAW V gouges your brain out through your eyeballs, Stoszek slowly poisons your family and records their slow decline and then makes you watch it back in slow motion.

I am pretty sure it is a total masterpiece but that depends on my interpretation of it being what Herzog intended. I don't like to deconstruct a film's discourse, I do it too often with photography so I won't spoil anything but i will say this....


Watch it!

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  1. Herzogs Nosferatu is wondeful, containing some fantastic moments of cinematic beauty and a sound track thats at worst mesmerising.