Tuesday, 10 February 2009

First shots

Here are two images from the shoot I mentioned in the last post.

Basically I am looking at the ideas behind a micro relationship and how the factors relate to photography. I have not asked the subjects any questions other than, Can I take you picture, or offered any instruction other than stand here. So they are completely left to there own devices, which will raise the question, what do i do? It is this question that want to capitalise on.

Different people reacted differently, from over confidence to embarrassment to the downright bizarre. Hopefully the images hold some interest due to these unusual circumstances I created by doing nothing more than taking picture.

Technically, i still have a bit of colour processing to sort out and I would have ideally shot on 120 but time constraints have returned me to my D300, which is fine, but my 50mm nikkor lens just doesn't make the grade when there are enlarged.


  1. I'm liking this shit. Well thought out, answers your brief perfectly - especially the woman. Good stuff. Jarso.

  2. Cheers, got a few more to edit so hoping for a nice wee set.

  3. i wanna see the bizarre?!
    ps. accidentally deleted your wall post today on fb, sorry wasn't intentional lol
    nat g

  4. these pics are ace mate! like the lighting.