Friday, 20 February 2009

Brief 2

So the second deadline as arrived and after a stressful few days I have managed to put something "decent" together. For this brief I decided to invert my previous idea and look at a different way the camera can effect a situation.

These are two from a series of dramatic portraits, the subjects were instructed to attempt to offer no expression or emotion (dead pan). The drama was to be created through lighting and post production.


  1. I like. The weird thing is that both guys mixed together would look a bit like you. ;p
    I'd like my photo taken in this style hint hint

  2. That can be arranged Jimmy, as long as you can afford some time away from your crowd surfing!

  3. Really nice series BJM.

    Nice to see your always making your portraits look original. They stand out !!

  4. Cheers Stew. Was just playing with some lighting really and trying to get variations of this sort of look