Sunday, 8 February 2009

Narcissism at it's most affluent

This is a quick piece I put together for an autobiography brief at the start of the year. I did't end up using it in the end, for a number of reasons.

Thought I would share it on here, as it's a bit sick. Don't get distracted by the amazing 80's tracksuits or the sheer awesomeness of my dads hair, this is a serious art piece, ha!


  1. Why didn't you go with these? Surely the fact that they're disturbing isn't reason enough? Wind your neck in, cunto.

  2. No it wasn't that, after I finished them, my mate from last years third year told me about another third who had done something really similar, so I sacked it off. My artistic credibility was in question, not my ego.

  3. This is brill . . Love it