Thursday, 12 February 2009

Thoughts please

While I was shooting the below shots, all of the forced subjects seemed to have a wee one line quip to make, just before taking their mark. After the first two I started writing them down.

It dawned on me that maybe they should actually be a part of the images themselves. I know this might raise the good old text / no text debate but I wouldn't mind hearing what people think.

I am kinda thinking that the text should be a part, it links nicely with the micro relationships and the unease of human composure in front of the camera. I mean it's like they all had to throw a little excuse at me, to reassure themselves and to warn me.

Pensez-vous ?

I imagine the layout something like this. Obviously not looking as shit. I'd give the typeface more than 5seconds thought for a start.


  1. Thinking this is good. It completes the whole somewhat. Plus, I can hear them saying these words and I've given them accents based on the use of grammar; my interpretation of the how their voices could sound. I suppose it now says more about the brief encounter between subject and photographer especially between strangers, (presuming that you don't know these people).

    A frivolous idea would be the addition of speech bubbles....

    Apologies. I can't half babble with a keyboard infront of me.

  2. No text, just pictures: that's my opinion anyway. By adding text you're putting constraint on the shot and influencing what the viewer thinks. I like looking at the pic and wondering if the person was pissed off, shy, happy, confused that their photo was taken. By adding text you're directly telling me. Am I talking shit? Do you submit your pics with a short rationale or on their own? If there's a rationale then I don't think the additional text with each photo adds anything to it really. Make sure you get shots of people who say "No" to you taking their pictures. Pure invasion of privacy haha.

  3. I agree with Jar above but i also think the text is a cool idea. I can total hear the women saying that.

    I actually love that shot. Her dog lead necklace, the fact she irons a crease in her jean leg. Who does that? It's such an hard and annoying thing thing to do as you'll know if you've ever tried to iron a crease in to work trousers but for jeans?!I love it.

  4. Ha, never noticed thon crease

  5. Thanks guys, I think you are all right. Going to ditch the text, after thinking about it, I kind think it trivialises everything a little also. Kinda makes it into a joke.

    Thats that sorted..ish. Just got to work out what to do next week now! PAH!

  6. I don't think the text adds levity. Just my 2p, for what it's worth. I can see why you say it may, though. But hey, I'm probably not qualified...

    What struck me most about both images was the similarity in pose-is that just coincidence or no? That's the last pose I'd consider , if I considered it at all; I'd more than likely hide behind folded arms....don't know what your instructions were.

  7. Oh yeah, just read what instructions were, sorry.

  8. It's not just that, it's all of the connotations together, as a grouped piece of work I feel giving the images a collective title is enough information.


    Opinion requires no qualifications.

  9. Where they all natural lit Brian? I sort of like the text. Get a closer feel of actually being there by imagining the people saying it.. Now you got two opinions with no qualifications;)

  10. Ha, the more opinions the better.

    The choice of natural light was to concur with the theme of the brief. It was a natural situation so I wanted a natural aesthetic, to start messing around with speed lights would have thrown the concept of course.

  11. Stick the text up your ass